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June 13, 2021  

No Myth - Alpha 1

Building on reviewers requests for "More of that Life partners / Gay Sasquatch Hunters" we have decided to do some Podcasting. This is the first test and voice only version of our project. This pre-release episode is only me, Wayne  giving some basis and ideas to what we're going to be doing. You can find the video (Best version) of most of our "No Myth with Wayne and Georges" on YouTube and Facebook currently. 

June 15, 2021  

No Myth visits Cryptid Creatures

We sit down with Brian and Todd of "Cryptid Creatures" for our first interview. This audio is the full converstaion with pre and post portions still included as a look behind the curtain kind of thing. The final version will be edited and presented over on their Podcast as the 20th Episode on June 20th. For the video version jump to the YouTube Channel ...  Wayne and Georges vist "Cryptid Creatures" - YouTube

June 15, 2021  
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